Charles Cockburn Photography | Dyrhólaeyjarviti, Iceland

Dyrhólaeyjarviti, Iceland

Dyrhólaeyjarviti, Iceland

Dyrholaeyjarviti light house in Iceland by CharlesCockburn.comDyrholaeyjarviti light house in Iceland

It was a cold and windy November day in Iceland. (I think every day is a cold and windy day in Iceland!) My wife and I were touring the southern coast of the island, stopping at waterfalls, exploring black beaches, and admiring gorgeous rock formations.

The Dyrhólaey lighthouse, or Dyrhólaeyjarviti in Icelandic, was one of our last stops of the day. We timed it perfectly, just catching the setting sun gently illuminating the white washed walls, with the ocean dipping into shadow behind. A stunning location, and well worth the visit if you’re visiting the southern Iceland coast.


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